Thurstonland Cricket Club

TCC 1874 Lottery

Joining the TCC 1874 Lottery is a great way to support the cricket club with the added bonus of getting a chance of winning a monthly cash prize. 

Just £10 per month will get you into the draw to be made at the club every month, 50% of all money taken will be given back as prize money with the rest of the money going towards finishing the repairs at the club from the flooding at the end of last year and future renovations.

To do so please set up a standing order for £10 using your online banking for the 1st of every month as before to the following

Thurstonland Cricket Club
Sort code :- 30 94 43
Account no :- 83639460

Estimated Prize Pool

1st Prize – £100
2nd Prize – £60
3rd Prize – £40