Fixtures for 2022

1st XI

Sponsored by
Sat 16-Apr Marsden (A) Reliance Precision
Sat 23-Apr Upperthong (H) H2H Services
Sat 30-Apr Denby Dale (A) Ian Kirk
Sun 01-May Elland (A) 
Sat 07-May Almondbury (A) Steve’s at the Mill
Sat 14-May Birkby Rose Hill (H) Mrs Corley
Sat 21-May Linthwaite (A) 
Sun 22-May Hoylandswaine (A)
Sat 28-May Hall Bower (H) Rodgers Plant Hire
Sat 04-Jun Mirfield (A) John Eastwood
Thu 09-Jun Marsden (A) 
Sat 11-Jun Hoylandswaine 2nd XI (H) Ackroyd House
Sat 18-Jun Kirkheaton (A) Clothiers Arms Stocksmoor
Sat 25-Jun Cumberworth United (H) Valley Pharmacy
Sat 02-Jul Marsden (H) Colne Valley Connection
Sat 09-Jul Upperthong (A) Edmundson Electrical
Sat 16-Jul Denby Dale (H) Reliance Precision
Sat 23-Jul Almondbury (H) Andy James
Sat 30-Jul Birkby Rose Hill (A) Northern Tyre & Battery
Sat 06-Aug Linthwaite (H) Ian Kirk
Sat 13-Aug Hall Bower (A) Steel Supplies
Sat 20-Aug Mirfield (H) John Booth
Sat 27-Aug Hoylandswaine 2nd XI (A) Rose & Crown Thurstonland
Sat 03-Sep Kirkheaton (H) Halliday Inspection Services
Sat 10-Sep Cumberworth United (A) Valley Pharmacy

2nd XI

Sponsored by
Sat 16-Apr Rastrick (H) Reliance Precision
Sat 23-Apr Lascelles Hall (A) H2H Services
Sat 30-Apr Emley Clarence (H) Ian Kirk
Sat 07-May Cartworth Moor (H) Steve’s at the Mill
Sat 14-May Almondbury (A) Mrs Corley
Sat 21-May Flockton (H) 
Sun 22-May Holmbridge (H)
Sat 28-May Holmbridge (A) Rodgers Plant Hire
Sat 04-Jun Cartworth Moor (H) 
Sun 12-Jun Hall Bower (H) Earnshaw Cup
John Eastwood
Sat 18-Jun Lascelles Hall (A) Clothiers Arms Stocksmoor
Sun 26-Jun Emley Clarence (H) T& AJ
Sat 02-Jul Rastrick (A) Colne Valley Connection
Sat 09-Jul Lascelles Hall (H) Edmundson Electrical
Sat 16-Jul Emley Clarence (A) Reliance Precision
Sat 23-Jul Cartworth Moor (A) Andy James
Sat 30-Jul Almondbury (H) Northern Tyre & Battery
Sat 06-Aug Flockton (A) Ian Kirk
Sat 13-Aug Holmbridge (H) Steel Supplies
Sat 20-Aug Rastrick (A) John Booth
Sat 27-Aug Almondbury (H) Rose & Crown Thurstonland
Sat 03-Sep Holmbridge (A) Halliday Inspection Services
Sat 10-Sep Flockton (H) Valley Pharmacy


Sun 15-May Thongsbridge (A)
Fri 10-Jun Lascelles Hall (A)
Sun 19-Jun Denby Dale (H)
Sun 26-Jun Denby Dale (A)
Sun 24-Jul Lascelles Hall (H)
Sun 28-Aug Thongsbridge (H)

Under 17

Wed 27-Apr Lascelles Hall (H)
Wed 04-May Honley (H)
Wed 11-May Thongsbridge (H)
Wed 18-May Hall Bower (A)
Wed 25-May Thongsbridge (H)
Wed 08-Jun Almondbury Wesleyans (H)
Wed 15-Jun Armitage Bridge (A)
Wed 22-Jun Lascelles Hall (A)
Wed 29-Jun Honley (A)
Wed 06-Jul Hall Bower (H)
Wed 13-Jul Thongsbridge (A)
Wed 27-Jul Almondbury Wesleyans (A)

Under 15

Mon 25-Apr Green Moor Sports Club (A)
Mon 02-May Clayton West (H)
Mon 09-May Honley (A)
Fri 13-May Holmbridge (A)
Mon 16-May Broad Oak (H)
Mon 23-May Shepley (A)
Mon 06-Jun Hoylandswaine (H)
Mon 13-Jun Lascelles Hall (A)
Mon 20-Jun Emley Clarence (H)
Mon 04-Jul Almondbury Wesleyans (H)
Mon 11-Jul Denby Dale (A)
Mon 18-Jul Kirkburton (A)
Mon 25-Jul Scholes (H)
Mon 01-Aug Cumberworth United (A)
Mon 08-Aug Holmbridge (H)

Under 13

Sun 01-May Barkisland (A)
Sun 08-May Holmfirth (H)
Sun 15-May Denby (A)
Sun 22-May Upperthong (A)
Sun 05-Jun Almondbury Wesleyans (H)
Sun 12-Jun Delph and Dobcross (A)
Sun 19-Jun Lascelles Hall (H)
Sun 26-Jun Rastrick (A)
Sun 03-Jul Meltham (A)
Sun 10-Jul Birkby Rose Hill (H)
Sun 17-Jul Marsden (A)
Sun 24-Jul Hoylandswaine (H)
Sun 31-Jul Barkisland (H)
Sun 07-Aug Holmfirth (A)

Under 11

Wed 27-Apr Cumberworth United (A)
Wed 04-May Denby Dale (A)
Wed 11-May Honley (A)
Wed 18-May Shepley (H)
Wed 25-May Hall Bower (A)
Wed 01-Jun Clayton West (H)
Wed 08-Jun Green Moor Sports Club (A)
Wed 15-Jun Denby (H)
Wed 22-Jun Cumberworth United (H)
Wed 29-Jun Denby Dale (H)
Wed 06-Jul Shepley (A)
Wed 13-Jul No fixture
Wed 20-Jul Clayton West (A)
Wed 27-Jul Green Moor Sports Club (H)
Wed 03-Aug Denby (A)

Under 9


Sat 14-May STANDBY Almondbury Wesleyans
Sat 21-May Hall Bower
Sat 28-May Delph
Sat 11-Jun Cumberworth
Sat 18-Jun Shepley
Sat 25-Jun Lepton
Sat 16-Jul Holmfirth
Sat 23-Jul Kirkheaton
Sat 06-Aug Thurstonland
Sat 03-Sep Grand Final at Cumberworth – if qualified